One of the earliest solar module
Manufacturer since 2004

Who We Are

Green Energy Manufacturer

Since 2004


To be a reliable supplier and provide

one-stop solution for green energy


Dedicated to exploring and innovating

in order to realize sustainable

development for green energy

Global Vision

  • Founded in 2004, Sunlink PV is one of the earliest manufacturer of solar panel in China dedicated to exploring, innovating and realizing sustainable development and to be a reliable supplier with one-stop solution of green energy.
  • Sunlink PV products have highly recognized by clients from China, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Sweden,Finland,Poland, Portugal,Estonia,Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Morocco, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

Sunlink PV History

An intense and ascending path

  • 2004

    Sunlink PV Founded

  • 2005

    2nd Chinese brand exporting to Germany

  • 2006

    2nd Chinese brand with IEC

  • 2007


  • 2008

    Set EU branch

  • 2009

    New manufacturing base under construction

  • 2010

    New manufacturing base of solar cells & modules began production

  • 2011

    CH group became the shareholder

  • 2012

    Solar projects in Germany invested by Sunlink PV got grid-connection

  • 2013

    Standard solar enterprise certified by Minister of Industrial and Information Technology

  • 2014

    Became high-tech enterprise

  • 2015

    Sunlink PV became Jiangsu famous brand

  • 2016

    Sunlink PV became technical center

  • 2017

    CH group became the biggest shareholder

  • 2018

    Industrial solar projects in China invested by Sunlink PV got grid-connection

  • 2019

    Sunlink PV became the key international brand

  • 2020

    Semi+MBB products passed strict IEC test

  • 2021

    M10 SEMI+MBB products passed strict IEC test

  • 2022

    Smart GW manufacturing base began production

  • 2023

    M10 N-type TOPCON SEMI+MBB solar modules began production

Sunlink PV Manufacturing

  • Sunlink PV always insist on long-term value for clients by offering long-time reliable products. Choosing top raw material’s supplier carefully and cooperated more than 10 years to guarantee every panel could be used above 25 years. Every incoming raw material will be strictly tested before coming online to prevent any defect caused by material.

Sunlink PV Manufacturing

  • Sunlink PV’s smart full automation factory can carry out stable and efficient manufacturing procedure.Every panel will be checked by machines as well as QC engineer before going to next procedure.

Quality control

  • Sunlink PV’s products’ design and manufacturing are based on 15 years’ product warranty for workmanship and materials and 25 years’ line output warranty while 30 years’ line output warranty for glass-glass products.

    Sunlink PV have two times tests than average industry during manufacturing. Sunlink PV have after-soldering EL test, pre-lamination EL test, after-lamination EL test and final EL test to prevent each single panel from micro-crack.