SunLink PV


Technical life time & life cycle costs for our customers.

Sunlink PV have high-quality monocrystalline solar cells and polycrystalline solar cells. Production equipments come from global famous photovoltaic equipment supplier, like diffusion furnace, PECVD and fast firing furnace come from Centrotherm AG. Screen printing,testing and sorting equipment come from Applied Materials and JRT Photovoltaics.

Sunlink PV apply three masters to high-efficiency solar cells study and keep the advanced level in PV industry. In order to meet this expectation, both technically and visually, SunLink-PV never stops working to develop optimum cell solutions for specific requirements. we constantly challenge ourselves in order to meet our customers’ expectations for reliable solar cells that guarantee excellent energy output.

Sunlink PV solar cell features:

Uniformity alkaline or acidic texture
Uniformity and high-quality p-n junction
Enhanced blue spectra response and high passivation SiN reflectivity coating
Silver-aluminum back contact strips
Full-coverage aluminum back contacts with back surface field
Silver front contacts