SunLink PV


Technical life time & life cycle costs for our customers.

At SunLink PV, we focus as much on teamwork as leadership. Every employee and his or her idea and value are respected, and we. We identify with our corporation culture, vision and core-value, and keep passionate to contribute on our green and bright future.

We realize people perform best when they are in a role that fits their skills – and when they can see a clear, achievable path for the future. So, we help our employees to match their talent to the appropriate opportunities and get developed through varieties of specific trainnings.

SunLink PV has gradually established such arrays for profession development as marketing, channel sales, key account sales, financial affairs, management consulting, purchaing, logistic, technology, quality control, production etc. By defining the requirements of competence for different jobs, we establish the approach and orientation for professional development and develop objectively series training programs so that employees can raise their competence according to their respective conditions.

We provide our employees opportunities to do the best they can, showing their talents and potential. At the same time, we are confident that our employees have not been put in the wrong places, putting the business at risk. We believe that our fast grow will bring more opportunities and career space for those who are always loyal and passionate to SunLink PV, as well as to the solar field.